> Where in Florida do I actually do my residency? 
Approved churches in various parts of Florida host residents. Ideally, there will be at least 2 additional residents/churches within a 90-minute radius of your residency site.
> What does residency housing look like? 
If you're in the Accelerated or Grad track, churches are responsible for either providing a host home or other safe, affordable option for your housing if you don't live locally. You may also opt to find your own housing in a reasonable distance to the church. 
> Are my academic classes online or in person? 
Unless you're doing the Jumpstart track, right now all academic classes are online through Crown College. You will not necessarily be taking the same courses as other residents at the exact same time.
> Who will be in my cohort? 
Your cohort will include at least 2 other residents. There will be several cohorts spread out in Florida that will connect as a full residency group on occasion.
> Will I be taking classes with my cohort?
Not necessarily. Your cohort can support one another academically, but the primary purpose is peer encouragement and group coaching experiences, so you have support while in residency.
> Can I pick my residency church? 
Jumpstart students typically serve in their home church. For other tracks, you may choose which Launch churches to interview with. If you would like to do a residency with a church that is not currently approved with Launch, you can encourage them to apply here.
> Do I need to raise support? 
Raising support is optional depending on what you need.
> What about my college tuition? 
Except in the Jumpstart Track, Launch churches are asked to contribute toward your academic tuition. In addition, Crown College offers many financial aid options. Specific to Launch, you may also qualify for special funding if you are between ages 18-23 and have a cumulative college GPA of 3.0+.